Fallout 76 is official: Watch the teaser trailer here


A new fallout is coming, and it’s called Fallout 76. The teaser trailer from Bethesda probably shows first scenes in-game graphics, but still no gameplay. The video introduces the eponymous Vault 76: a surprisingly welcoming place compared to other vaults. It appears that the residents have prepared to start rebuilding the earth as soon as the nuclear radiation has subsided.

The mood in the video is therefore surprisingly optimistic. In the end, a figure straps on her pip-boy and probably ready to move out into the wastelands. The video ends with the words: “In Vault 76 begins our future”.

Only when it starts exactly, we do not know yet – a release date Bethesda has not yet shown. In the disclosure stream, however, the developers referred to the E3. The Bethesda press conference will begin at 3:30 am on June 11th.

Meanwhile, we’ve collected all the clues from the trailer and its predecessors in an analysis of Vault 76 – what conclusions can we draw from this to Fallout 76?

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