Days Gone Finally Has a Release Date Plus a New Trailer: Find Out More


Days Gone finally has a release date. Sony has announced this before the E3 2018 along with a new gameplay trailer. We have also summarized all the known information about the PS4 zombie game Days Gone. Here’s everything you need to know about release, story, gameplay & more.

Earlier in mid-May Sony promised to announce the final date for Days Gone release very soon. Now the time has come, Sony has kept its word. Accordingly, Days Gone will be released on February 22, 2019, exclusively for PS4.

Fittingly, the publisher has also released a new trailer featuring new wildlife threats, enemy factions, and characters.

So we get it in the game, among other things, with mountain lions, pumas and infected ravens to do the “Screamer”.

Opposition faction of the Ripper presented

More information was also revealed about the group “Rest In Peace”, in short, “RIP” – a group that adores the Freaker. The so-called rippers wear bald heads, dress like Freaker and kill anyone who is not a ripper.

The rippers are not only intended to play a role in history, but also to be an important part of the Freaker ecosystem: Rippers refuse to kill Freaker, which should lead to “exciting” situations.

Sony will announce new information during its press conference at E3.

The PK will take place on Tuesday, 12.6. at 3:00 at night instead. If you do not follow the stream live, you will soon find all news with us.

Until then, we’ve collected all the latest info about Days Gone for you.

All You Need to Know About Days Gone

Days Gone features an action adventure with survival focus that sends us into an open world infested with zombies (called Freakers).

Days Gone: Story

 The history of Days Gone begins two years after the global pandemic. As a committed character, Deacon St. John, an ex-outlaw biker and one of the last survivors, is going through a fictional track of the western United States that has been turned into a wasteland by volcanic activity. In the brutal world of Days Gone, the sole focus is on bare survival.

In the world of Days Gone there will be five campsites between which we travel back and forth. Some other survivors have accumulated there and we need to build a relationship with them.

There are also “Ambush Camps” where enemies have accumulated. We can spy on them with binoculars and then plan an ambush.

Days Gone should offer every size, but the campaign alone should take about 30 hours. However, as the dynamic game world is constantly creating “unexpected” situations, the 30 hours can quickly become more.

Days Gone: Missions

Days Gone is not supposed to offer fetch quests or annoying time tasks. Instead, everything should take place in a context. Among other things, you may be prepared for animal hunting missions and camp liberation. Flashback missions are also planned to learn more about Deacon’s past.

The special thing about Days Gone are the huge zombie hordes of several hundred freaks. Hordes of 300 Freakers are called “baby hordes.” In the demo of E3 2016, we saw a horde of 500 Freakers. These Zombie hordes should be distributed throughout the world. The Freakers must eat, drink and sleep like humans.

Days Gone: Weapons

In Days Gone it should be, among other things shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols and LMGs. You can also use grenades, napalm, and Molotov cocktails.

The weapons in the game must be refilled regularly to ammo crates in safes and safes, which reminds a little of Far Cry 4.

Days Gone: Vehicle Upgrades

we can completely upgrade the bike and adapt it to our wishes with cosmetic changes. There will also be technical adjustments. This will enlarge the tank and improve durability. Even the tires we can change depending on the weather. The screws on the bike promise a touch of Mad Max.

Days Gone: Character Upgrades

We can improve health, stamina and the slow-motion effect of upgrades. Deacon also has the Survival Vision ability that highlights opponents in the environment as we improve them.

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