Useful Hygienic Kitchen Cleaning Tips For Every Household


A kitchen is a place in your house where you might spend a lot of hours a day. And whether you are an advanced or amateur chef or just stand behind the counter for simple meals: your kitchen must always be hygienic, otherwise, you run the risk of regularly ending up in the toilet with stomach aches. 

Cleaning the kitchen is a very important part of maintenance and you can’t actually do it well enough. We are happy to lend you a hand by clearly summarizing the tips and step-by-step plans for cleaning your kitchen

The tiles

My new kitchen, installed June 2013

Where to start with  the kitchen cleaning? There is not immediately a fixed order, but if you first thoroughly scrub your kitchen counter and then the tiles that are placed above it, you do something wrong. After all, you don’t want the dirt of the tiles to end up on your newly cleaned worktop. 

Treat the tiles with an all-purpose cleaner. A fabric softener can also be very good! Or choose to put a little lemon juice in the cleaning water. Fat has no chance that way and it looks radiant again.

The stove or hob


Cleaning the stove or hob is part of the kitchen that you might prefer not to do. But it is precisely this place where the food is actually prepared that must look a bit clean! Don’t worry too much, because it really isn’t as hard as it seems. 

Do you have stained spots? Put a damp cloth on it for a while and you can remove it quite easily afterward! There are also degreasers that you can fine soak in for a while. And for daily maintenance, wet household wipes also suffice. By the way, avoid scouring pads with a stainless steel hob, you don’t want to scratch.

The oven

Kitchen oven cleaning tips

Cleaning the oven is even more annoying than cleaning the stove. Of course, you can’t clean the kitchen and skip your oven! Always start with the vacuum cleaner to remove the worst remains. 

Don’t feel like scrubbing for a very long time afterward? Preheat the oven to about 200 degrees Celsius and place a sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon in a baking dish in the oven. The acid releases all the fat and you only have to clean it with a cloth when the oven has cooled down a bit.

The hood


You should never skip the extractor hood when cleaning the kitchen. Feel free to put the filters in the biotex for a while to soak. Then dry them well and in the meantime clean the rest of the hood thoroughly. Be Careful! If the hood is made up of stainless steel, avoid a scouring pad.

The countertop


Next is the counter! As said, this is the place that should perhaps be the cleanest of them all. And that does not mean taking it off with that dishcloth that has been catching bacteria for three days. For granite or natural stone, it is best to use boiling hot water. Possibly a little green soap is also allowed. Furthermore, most countertops can simply be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner. And that dishcloth? Replace it every day with a new one.

Faucets and sinks


You can simply clean the sink every day with detergent and a brush or scouring pad. But cleaning the kitchen in a more elaborate way also means that you have to work with the taps. 

Do you suffer from a lot of lime? Then use an old toothbrush to properly scrub those small corners. Injecting an anti-limescale remedy and allowing it to work in can also do wonders. Do this preferably before you start cleaning the rest of the kitchen: then there is enough time to be able to soak well.

Stainless steel and other tips


Just a little more about the stainless steel: That scouring pad must stay away from it as we mentioned earlier. Do you want to remove those ugly fingerprints? Then use a paper towel with a very small amount of olive oil. 

We also have a few other useful tips to close with. Use your vacuum cleaner, for example, to regularly vacuum out the cupboards and drawers. And have standard moist hygienic wipes in stock in the kitchen. You can immediately remove the worst dirt using those wipes. Make sure to clean the kitchen at least every week.

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